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Nov 27, 2020

Having worked in the media for 30 years, on boards and with corporates, Tracey Spicer knows a thing or two about boards, culture and standing up for herself.

In this podcast, from one journalist to another, Tracey talks to Claire Braund about her journey, including the day she decided it was time to stand up for herself and told the network she was taking them to court.  And how after being sacked by email after the birth of her second child, she inadvertently became an activist on pregnancy discrimination, where she learned that noise creates change.  It was such a moving experience that Tracey decided to write a book about it "The good girl stripped bare."

After leaving broadcasting Tracey has had a broad portfolio career, anchoring, writing, hosting and advising corporates and boards. She shares stories, including how she worked with the CEO of a TV network who thought he had no issue with #MeToo because no one had ever called their Whistle Blower hotline. 

Tracey also talks candidly about her initiation of fire on the board of the NRMA 20 years ago, including the death threats between board member of this factionalised board.  Scarred, she has only recently mustered the desire to return to the boardroom, joining the board of an NFP, with more boards on the horizon. 

Tracey and Claire also talk feminism, class factions, culture and what Tracey would say to her younger self. 24 minutes of total entertainment.

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