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Nov 9, 2020

Brynnie Goodwill is an international law graduate from Columbia University who today finds herself growing organic produce in the lower Hunter of NSW and serving on multiple boards. She is deeply passionate about international politics and relations, and has always applauded the good dividends that diversity brings to the culture and dynamics of organisations and government.

The game-changer for Brynnie was during her time as a congressional intern in 1974, attending the Watergate hearings in Washington. She realised just how male dominated and dysfunctional the world of corporate law was. It geared Brynnie for a career in paradigm shifts, lateral thinking and strategy where she turned to the research of forward thinkers like Peter Senge of the Fifth Discipline and others who similarly recognised that business doesn’t have to be competitive — that it can be collaborative, value-based and holistically driven.

Over the past 25 years, Brynnie has helped grow emerging businesses in health, sustainability, education and other sectors. Her first board position was as chairperson for Kinma Primary and Preschool, an independent parent-managed school in Sydney's North Shore. Today she is the Head of Department for World Travels, Executive Director for BKG Group and a Non-Executive Director for Community Housing Ltd, Sydney North Health Primary Network, Women for Election Australia and Earth Trust. Because of her background in international corporate law, she is especially zealous about building socially responsive, sustainable businesses and encourages all women seeking to pursue boards to do just that — follow their passion.

American born, Brynnie actively sought out a life here in Australia on her quest for community more than 30 years ago — a “blessed” land that she acknowledges is due to the history and energy of the past, present and emerging traditional custodians.

As the world watches the election unfold in America, hear why Brynnie isn’t surprised by the current state of affairs in her former homeland.

Brynnie Goodwill
Claire Braund (host)

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