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Nov 20, 2020

Sally Macindoe is Executive Counsel and Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Norton Rose Fullbright and Vice President at the MCC. But that's not how she started out.

In this podcast Sally talks to Claire Braund about her journey, from how she was appointed partner at Deacons (now Norton Rose Fullbright) while she was pregnant with her second child, to becoming an equity partner; being the first woman elected to their Board; and later appointed Chair of the Board / Partnership Council.  And how she stepped back from it all.

Sally discusses why she decided to make the unprecedented step back from being an equity partner, which caught all by surprise, and how she knew that "unless she made the change she wouldn’t be empowered to make change in her life”.

Sally says that she hopes that her path has inspired others that you’re not defined by your ranking in the equity partnership.

As Vice President of the MCC, Sally also talks about the challenges the MCC has faced during COVID and the sheer sadness and perspective that the empty stadium has brought.

Sally also discusses diversity and inclusion and how it extends to gender, race and now age, with four generations working in some firms.

Sally Macindoe
Executive Counsel (Planning and Environment)
Global Head, Diversity & Inclusion Norton Rose Fullbright
Vice President MCC

LinkedIn  Sally Macinoe  Claire Braund (host)

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