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Jun 12, 2020

Born in France and migrating in the 1990s, Helen Moore learned English as a second language as she grew up Yeppoon in central Queensland.  By her mid-twenties she had met her husband, had two children and had enrolled to study accounting as a mature aged student -  which she blitzed with distinctions.

From there Helen moved into government roles, rising to senior executive roles.  She talks about her most memorable role as CFO for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, which she says was a once in a lifetime opportunity, despite the risk management issues.

Having worked as a non executive director for the last twelve years, Claire chats to Helen about a range of issues, including the recruitment process, risk management, working on and with boards and more.

Helen Moore
NED, Santos Organics
Chair and Director, Moor Corporate Investments
Helen on LinkedIn 

Claire Braund on LinkedIn

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