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May 16, 2022

Turning diversity into a superpower

Born in Tamil-speaking southern India, Anita Kumar was the first girl in her family to leave home at 17 to go to university.

Today Anita lives in Sydney and is an experienced CEO, social entrepreneur and passionate advocate for the rights of children and families, especially those...

Apr 4, 2022

Growing up in Tropical North Queensland, clarinet-playing, science-loving Marguerite Evans-Galea felt like a “square peg in a round hole”. But thanks to her supportive family and a lifelong mentor - who also happened to be a university professor - Marguerite was inspired to pursue a career in STEM.

As she tells...

Mar 11, 2022

Building a franchising empire, family business and cultural diversity

Sara Pantaleo is a businesswoman who has always loved working and mentoring people.

Migrating to Melbourne from Italy with her family as a teenager, Sara went on to work with mainframe systems in IT operations at NAB. In 1996 she joined La Porchetta...

Feb 28, 2022

Growing up in 1980s Britain, it's no surprise Sarah Fairhurst’s biggest role model was Margaret Thatcher. “I was at school when she was in power and she made me realise women could do anything,” says Sarah, a WOB member with significant expertise in the energy sector, including advising governments and industry...

Feb 7, 2022

As a special episode we have reproduced a webinar that Women on Boards co-hosted with the Governance Institute of Australia titled Diversity is half the circle. Culture, equity and inclusion are the other half. Moderated by Catherine Fox, Journalist and Author 

Panel Members:
Megan Motto FGIA, Chief Executive,...