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Oct 18, 2021

Lil Bianchi is not your box-ticking director. As a highly-experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair Audit & Risk Committee, former CEO and tech entrepreneur working across data analytics, fintech, risk and customer value Lil thrives on innovation and change and loves being around curious people.

As she tells Claire in this podcast, she believes there’s space in every boardroom for “weird and whacky ideas” alongside well-thought out arguments.

“I’ve got a high level of comfort around change and entrepreneurial risk,” says Lil, who admits her “accidental career” has been a result of grabbing opportunities and running with them.

Lil is currently a NED with 4D Medical, a global medical technology company working to change the outcome for millions of patients with lung disease by revolutionising respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis, and Director of Lirio. A graduate of London School of Economics, Lil also serves as Director for Australian Eco Merino Growers Co-Op Ltd, a large infrastructure implementation company.

A graduate of the 2019 WOBSX Rosalind Dubbs syndicate, Lil decided to apply for the program to understand more about the lived experience of being a director.

“I really believe that if you can find a way to accelerate things - for yourself or your organisation - then do it,” she tells Claire.

In this podcast, UK-born Lil - who now lives in the NSW Southern Highlands - talks about how important it is for Boards to have a tech perspective, and not being afraid of being ‘switched on’. The key, she says, is having the confidence to ask reasonable questions, make sensible decisions and to use experts in your organisation. As she puts it: “Don’t get bamboozled or sidetracked - just dig, dig, dig.”

LinkedIn: Lil BianchiClaire Braund (host)

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