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Jun 18, 2021

Mary Sue Rogers graduated from university in the US in the 1970s at a time of the women’s rights movement. She landed her first job as a foreman solely because she was female where she was responsible for managing 30 men, all of which were strong union members. This wasn’t the only “first” for Mary Sue. She was the first female partner in IBM’s consulting business, the most senior consulting partner for PwC in Europe, and until recently, the only female board member on East-West Seeds.

Known for her experience in professional services, HR technology, the Not-For-Profit sector, social enterprise, agriculture and membership-based organisations, Mary Sue has worked in a range of company types from publically listed, start-up, family-run and small-medium enterprise. She is particularly passionate about start-ups and scale-ups, and building high performing teams, coaching senior executives and ensuring the right processes are in place to attract and retain talent.

She attests that all of her current board positions have been acquired as a direct result of forming strong and trustworthy networks, like when she started sponsoring children to go to school in Nigeria some 30 years to becoming NED, Chair of the HR Committee and Member of the Impact Investment Fund Board of Save The Children. She is also NED for WOB, NED and Deputy Chair for East-West Seeds, Advisory Board Member for Aiir Consulting and Board Member for Inclusiv Education.

During her time as a board member, Mary Sue has noticed that while great strides have been made to improve cultural and gender diversity at the table, ensuring there is diversity of executive career work experience isn’t regarded as pivotal on most board’s agendas, and this needs to change.

Mary Sue RogersClaire Braund (host)

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