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Jun 19, 2020

Growing up in country Victoria and shadowing her father at work as a teenager, Kelly developed an interest in business that became etched within.

After leaving school she went straight to work in insurance, starting as a fresh-faced junior in a corporate organisation. A move she says, in hindsight, was fundamental to her boardroom success today.

Claire talks to Kelly about how she returned to university as a mature aged student; her diverse career in senior executive roles; and how her breadth of experience ideally positioned her to make an impact. 

They explore the benefits of board programs and developing a network and how the WOBSX program helped Kelly navigate the ASX landscape and secure two ASX roles.

Kelly Humphries
Non Exec Director: NSX Limited
Non Exec Director: Raiz Invest (ASX-RZ)
Non Exec Director: Accident Compensation Service
Non Exec Director: Latrobe Health Services
Commissioner: Victorian Building Authority

Kelly Humphries
Claire Braund (host)

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