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Jul 24, 2020

Claire Braund talks to Kerrie Akkermans about how her journey has taken her full circle, from a young Girl Guide where her mother was Girl Guide Commissioner, to CEO of Girl Guide’s SA.  

A Willundera girl from South Australia’s wine region, Kerrie completed a BA, started a job and then returned to uni to complete a communications degree.

Founding her own consulting business at just 32 after her first child, Kerrie built an impressive client list of iconic Australian brands such as Hills Industries (aka Hills Hoist) and became a sought-after public speaker on lifetime value and customer experience.

Kerrie talks about her decision to return to the workforce following major life changes, including a divorce and the death of her parents.

The discussion provides valuable insights into how Kerrie built her board career through her broad network and by differentiating herself; how her career and board roles have been complementary; and how being on boards has helped her to become a much better CEO, teaching her to find common ground and understanding the importance of collegiality.

Kerry Akkermans
CEO Girl Guides SA
Director, On Demand Short Stays
Partner Mediation Adelaide
Director Kerrie Akkermans Consulting

Kerrie Akkermans
Claire Braund (host)

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