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Mar 26, 2021

In this episode, Claire speaks with Maryanne Puli Vogels, the Chair of Timboon and District Healthcare Services about Australia’s leading online solution for building governance performance. The service is known as the Governance Evaluator and organisations across sectors and disciplines are innovating the way that they function, predict risks, identify gaps, create reports and generate insights through this technology.

Maryanne has a long history in online education dating back to the early 1980s and when she joined the Board of Timboon and District Healthcare Services some four years ago, it was a baptism of fire. She had never been on a Board before and five months into her role, was elected as Chair. The government had recently introduced the new term rule of nine years, which also meant the Board lost six of its existing members and therefore, a lot of history. Maryanne found herself chairing a brand new team who were just as ‘green’ as her.

Maryanne discovered that the organisation had an existing license with Governance Evaluator, yet the service hadn’t been properly utilised or leveraged. It was music to her ears. She dived into the technology and found access to a world of information and knowledge that would not only improve her personal ability to Chair, but to service the multi-purpose organisation and its increasingly growing community.

Each Board member completed an online questionnaire to help identify their insights into the organisation and then worked with a convenor to understand their strengths and areas for growth. A dynamic report was then produced that detailed the organisation’s risks, skills, strategies and gaps, and particularly highlighted how to improve its clinical governance. Four years on and Maryanne can only speak highly of the platform that is intuitive, easy to use, enables simple reporting and is invested in supporting the organisation in the long-term with ongoing data and acumens — not just the current Board members.

As a WOB partner, all WOB members receive preferential member pricing for the Governance Evaluator. 

Find out more about Governance Evaluator here

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