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Aug 23, 2021

With a career spanning 25 years in local government where she rose from a Coordinator through to a Director, Helen Croxford emerges from a very solid background to now reside over Sport Inclusion Australia as its President and Chair of the board.

In this podcast Helen talks to Claire about how she rose through the ranks to become President after serving her apprenticeship on the State Chapter.  She gives us a peep into a "week in the life" and gives us some great insight into what a typical week looks like as Chair, including some of the projects she’s working on and the time commitment involved.

With a vision to make both herself and Disability Sport Australia obsolete, Helen’s vision is for every club to welcome athletes with a disability with open arms.  This vision extends to thinking outside the square to change the face of inclusion. With media training identified as a need for some of their athletes, Helen has taken it a step further and is not only having their athletes undertake the training, but is training the media how to talk to athletes with a disability. 

An important listen for anyone with an interest in sport and/or inclusion.

More about Helen Croxford
President at Sport Inclusion Australia
Director Global Games Sports Company
Committee, Cabrini Health Day Procedure Centre
Cabrini Health Community Advisory Committee member
Cabrini Health Master Plan. Executive User Group Committee member
Beyond Blue event management

Helen Croxford
Claire Braund (host)

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