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Oct 9, 2020

Growing up to Mediterranean parents, Jennifer Grech had to fight to finish high school and go to university.  Breaking family tradition, she graduated as a school teacher.  From there, Jennifer says she accidentally fell into a learning and development role in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked internationally, ascending to director level at major pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.

After many years in the corporate world, Jennifer is now consulting, using her vast experience to assist organisations in leadership and transformation.  She has also decided that the boardroom is her next calling. 

In this podcast Jennifer shares her journey as someone relatively new to the board arena, including the systematic approach she has taken to learn about boards, how she has built her board collateral, and how she sees her eight applications as a learning process to help define her board value.

Jennifer provides a true and honest account of her challenges and what she’s learned so far. While she’s still is seeking her first elusive board role, we’re sure that with Jennifer’s experience, hard work and approach, that it won’t be long.  Watch this space!

Jennifer Grech

Claire Braund (host)

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