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Jul 26, 2022

From avoiding fisticuffs on the trading floor to conquering Wall Street and running her own financial market regulation consultancy, Sydneysider Amanda Mark is known for her fearless determination and big picture thinking.

It was always Amanda’s dream to work in financial services overseas, so after landing a job in Sydney for a money market broker as a chalky in the early 90s - one of four women on a trading floor of more than 250 men - Amanda secured a role in Morgan Stanley’s Sydney office before getting a transfer to the New York head office. It was in Manhattan that Amanda was to make her biggest impact, and it all started with her elevator pitch.

In this interview, long-time WOB member Amanda tells Claire Braund how she made a lasting impression in the New York office, and - never one to let an opportunity slip - caught the attention of the CEO after literally bumping into him in a lift early one Monday morning.

In this insightful and entertaining conversation, Amanda also discusses the evolving challenges of being a woman working in the financial markets, the devastating experience of being in New York during 9/11 and losing much-loved colleagues in the attacks, working through the GFC and clean-up and moving from the ‘sell and buy side’ to the ‘dark side’ of financial regulation in Australia.

Watch this interview on YouTube HERE

Amanda Mark 
Claire Braund (host)

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