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Jul 26, 2021

Elizabeth ‘Libby’’ Nankivell made history earlier this year when she was appointed Vice President of Queensland Rugby Union, becoming the first woman to hold the position in 139 years of the state’s governing rugby body.

In this podcast, the ‘self-confessed rugby tragic’ talks to Claire Braund about her...

Jul 19, 2021

This week Claire talks to Suzie Riddell, the CEO of Social Ventures Australia (SVA).

Leading from the heart, Suzie Riddell is a unique combination of social and self-awareness and intelligence.

Graduating from accounting with the University Medal, Suzie talks to Claire about why she decided not to pursue a career...

Jul 9, 2021

Tanya Cox has built an impressive board portfolio, which started through Women on Boards in 2001, where she says she did all of the obvious things, like looking on the Vacancy board. 

The trend of one board leading to another started with her inaugural board appointment to Disability Sport Australia, which led  to...