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Dec 4, 2020

A straight up-and-down journalist is how Marina Go describes herself prior to her foray into the boardroom. From her days as Editor for Dolly, Elle, Australian Good Taste, and Sunday Life, and then General Manager of Bauer/Hearst brand's: Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, her path to the boardroom hasn’t been as bizarre as you may think.

Journalists ask questions, but what they’re particularly skilled at is listening.  And that is the makings of an effective director, Marina explains.

Marina's first board role was at Netball Australia, which she obtained via WOB. Today she has a full-time portfolio career, comprising Non Executive Director (NED) Autosports Group (ASX:ASG); Energy Australia; 7-eleven; Pro-PAC (ASX:PPG); and The Walkley Foundation, and Chair at Ovarian Cancer Australia; and Suncorp Super Netball Commission.

She has spent the past 30 years creating and building commercially successful brands that connect deeply with consumer groups across digital and print channels. Her focus is on reputational risk and digital innovation, but it is her passion for gender equality and balance that is becoming her legacy.

In spite of the challenges presented by traditional notions of male leadership, stereotypes and gender barriers, she has succeeded as Netball Australia’s first independent NED and Chair of the West Tigers NRL, which saw her nominated as the Australian Financial Review Boss True Leader in 2016.

'In Conversation with Claire', Marina confides that her most rewarding career move was launching Women’s Agenda, an independent female owned and run online publication, and the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards.

At the turn of the century when most publications only featured women if they were a celebrity or a victim, Women’s Agenda “created a stink” by showcasing talented women from every sector and known background in business and leadership. It caused a ripple effect across mainstream media and put women on the radar.

At the close of the hardest year for many, Marina shares the emotional toll COVID-19 has had on the mental wellbeing of staff across the organisations she boards.

Marina Go

Independent Chair, Non-Executive Director, Remuneration Committee Chair, Editor, General Manager

Current Boards (November 2020)

  • NED, Autosports Group (ASX:ASG)
  • NED, Energy Australia
  • NED, 7-eleven
  • NED, Pro-PAC (ASX:PPG)
  • NED, The Walkley Foundation
  • Chair, Ovarian Cancer Australia
  • Chair, Suncorp Super Netball Commission


Marina Go

Claire Braund (host)

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