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Sep 11, 2020

In this podcast Megan Motto, CEO of the Governance Institute of Australia, gives us a glimpse into her background, which had an unconventional start as a teacher in film and television and a professional dancer.

Megan gives us her (easy to understand) interpretation of what governance really is – with a few comparisons to scaffolding! She also talks about how she came to lead the Governance Institute, which has historically seen a legacy of older males at the helm.  We hear about Megan’s passion for diversity and how she boldly called Elizabeth Broderick in 2011 to set up a mirror group of Male Champions of Change for her industry at the time.

Megan and Claire also talk the value of governance training and how building a blended board and executive career makes you better at both roles.

If you’re thinking of expanding your governance education, this podcast will help you work out what the next steps might be.

Megan Motto
CEO Governance Institute
Director, Standards Australia
Director CEDA
Director and Chair, NSW Advisory Council

LinkedIn Megan Motto   Claire Braund (host)

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