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Sep 25, 2020

Growing up in far north Queensland, Anne Pleash was a water baby from a young age, forming a love of swimming that would lead her to be just the 207th Australian to swim the English Channel (more Australians have climbed Everest). 

In this podcast Anne talks to Claire about public life, working with Bob Katter, her long built understanding of remote indigenous communities and how she was instrumental in introducing the Indigenous Art Code.  She also talks about her board aspirations and the importance of having “courageous conversations”.

Anne relives her English Channel swim, on a day marked with horrendous weather…..”as I eyed France at the 13 hour mark I was told to sprint my heart out for an hour, otherwise I’d be pulled out.” Listen to find out what happened.

Inspiring, down to earth and authentic.

Anne Pleash - Chief of Staff, Hon Bob Katter

Anne Pleash
Claire Braund (host)

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