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Oct 30, 2020

No stranger to working in disaster zones and supporting health services for areas in crisis, Dr Liz Paslawsky shares the most common problems she‘s witnessed within governance and business following COVID-19 and the greatest risks that are affecting boards, management and staff worldwide. She makes intriguing observations about board culture, dynamics and how we all need to think more strategically during the unpredictable time that COVID-19 brings.

Liz leads an exhilarating portfolio career serving on four international boards in the Ukraine, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, is a global consultant as well as a mentor to executive staff and board chairs. She is a Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year winner, a business owner and has held CEO and senior executive positions in healthcare, banking and the not-for-profit sector.

Liz is a self-confessed “barrier basher” who has proven time over, that anything is possible. She has spent her life observing people to better understand human behavior — a skill-set she developed at a very young age growing up in a Ukrainian community in Queensland where she didn’t speak English. Her family lived off a small organic farm in the Ukraine before the Second War World hit, forcing them to flee on a boat they thought was destined for Austria. Instead, they arrived on the shores of Australia.

“In those days, there was an enormous amount of discrimination in school and because I didn’t speak English, I was labelled as having a disability. This was really formative for me to prove otherwise and has been a driver all my life.”

She has a Masters of Psychology and a PhD in Leadership for Workforce Empowerment under her belt and gave the keynote address at this year’s European Healthcare Design Global Summit. Her expertise in knowledge systems and bridging disciplines she attributes to her understanding of people and culture because in Liz’s opinion, intellect and strategy is irrelevant if you don’t understand culture.


Dr Liz Paslawsky
Claire Braund (host)

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