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Feb 5, 2021

Kerry Gleeson grew up playing cricket on the green with the boys in the northern part of Cotswolds in the UK. Her mantra was and remains: "Shoulders back, remember who you are and go get it." For the past two decades, Kerry has sat on ASX Boards as Director, Senior Executive and Board Advisor, working nationally and internationally across broad and complex industry sectors including mining and resources, industrial and agri-chemicals, manufacturing, transport and distribution and international education.

At age 12, Kerry knew she wanted to be a commercial lawyer and so she pursued her dream. In 1989, she commenced her legal career at the international law firm Eversheds in London and after 10 years of practicing law in the UK, she fell in love with her now husband and exiled to Australia. Leaving Halliwell Landau where she was corporate partner, she landed as Senior Corporate Associate with Ashurst in Melbourne.

With her daughter on her lap, she interviewed for the role of Group Executive for Incitec Pivot Ltd (AXS: IPL) where she remained nine years before entering her first independent non-executive role in 2014 with McAleese Group. Despite being well known, highly sought after and respected in the executive space, Kerry admits she takes deliberate action, knows intimately her value proposition and networks like a boss to get seen in the non-executive sphere.

Known for her strength in governance, legal and risk, it was a natural fit to align with the resource sector, particularly mining, which sees Kerry as NED for the Australian-based companies St Barbara (ASX 200) gold producer and explorer, and New Century Resources (ASX:NCZ), metal producer and world’s top 10 zinc producers.

Claire speaks with Kerry in this podcast about the positives of COVID, why you can’t assume roles will fly at you because you’ve had a successful executive career, and immeasurable rewards of networking.

Kerry Gleeson
Claire Braund (host)

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